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The Gables - Irchester Road
Formerly 'Rosemount'

Rosemount in 2011 map 1926
In 2011
by kind permission of the owner
1926 map of Irchester Road - 'Rosemount' (green), Highbury - Arthur Mills home (orange), Strong & Fisher's factory (yellow) & Radburne & Bennett's (pink)
The ground (cream) was the Mission Church's field used for social occasions

In 1905 Joseph Knight, shoe manufacturer, built this fine new villa residence in Irchester Road, and called it 'Rosemount'. The house was later renamed "The Gables" when Dr Reading and family resided there. In the 1990s it was the home Don Gibson, of Townsend's Garages Ltd.

The present owner is keen to preserve the old features of the house, and kindly invited us to photograph them. (The land had been sold off before he purchased the house, but it is thought many of the original fruit trees are still thriving, if rather overgrown.)

Some of the original features that survive in 2011
(courtesy of the present owner)
marble fireplace polished stone fireplace the entrance hall
Left: the marble fireplace in the main room
Above: the front room stone fireplace
Right: the entrance hall
staircase ceiling detail Telephone booth
Above: ceiling detail in the hall
Left: staircase and cupboard under
Right: Telephone Booth - and note the
deep skirting boards and the tiled floor

tiled entrance hall roof beams and  tiles old pipework
Detail of the floor tiles
Roof tiles fixed with cement
Old pipework and the new boiler in the basement

Rear view Cellar steps
The rear view with added sun lounge,
and new decked area
The stairs to the cellar, and a coal store with chute for deliveries to be unloaded

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